It’s time to Purify the air you breathe every day

The all in one solution for everything in your air.

Don’t settle on an air cleaning system that only filters out some of the particles. Only the PureAir™ Air Purification System addresses germs, odors, and air pollutants. Clean your entire home with a single solution meaning cleaner air in every room with every breath you take.

Reduce the harmful Ozone you breathe. Many common air cleaning solutions generate harmful ozone, a dangerous lung irritant. PureAir™ doesn’t generate any ozone due to its carbon filtration.

Be Smart with your Energy. PureAir™ provides highly effective air filtration without the need to consume costly electricity. By using an energy-smart UV system, you’re able to preserve the quality of the air in your home.

Do you have any lingering odors. Unpleasant odors aren’t just irritating, they have the potential to be bad for your health. Air purification breaks down chemical smells and vapors, rendering them odorless and harmless.

How clean is the air in your home? Make it better and fight germs and bacteria by removing over 90% of viruses such as MRSA, FLU and germs that cause the common cold. Remove 99.9% of all particles like pollen, dust and pet dander.