LYFE residential and commercial outdoor cooling systems in Jacksonville, FL

Enjoy your outdoor space with an outdoor cooling system

Does the intense summer heat take away from an outdoor space you have? Having an area that can stay cool all year round makes it livable and valuable. LYFE Outdoor Comfort Solutions understands that our customers want to be able to live in their outdoor spaces all year round in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas. We provide outdoor cooling systems to residential and commercial property owners.

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Enjoy the comfort of the indoors…outdoors

The summer months can bring heat waves that make it hard to use these outdoor spaces. It is essential to ensure you and your guests stay refreshed and don’t get overheated during the summer while enjoying your area. Putting an outdoor cooling system into your space will allow you to be comfortable in the space no matter what time of year it is. 

Seeing the need for outdoor cooling systems, our LYFE Outdoor Cooling and Heating came to fruition. Our TurboCool patio cooling system is for high humidity and arid climates and provides uniquely dry, evaporative cooling with minimal maintenance, great style, incredible versatility, and premium performance. This state-of-the-art outdoor cooling system can be used for covered lanais, wide-open patios, and small or large areas for residential and commercial applications.

We offer four different models to fit your needs: 

The Kayla

The Kayla is a beautiful contemporary model that provides a clean, circular appearance with the functionality of heating, cooling, and lighting options.  

The Jazmin

The Jazmin is perfect for those who need it for the extensive square footage of cooling coverage. This model gives a classic look that provides cooling in all climate conditions. 

The Leah

The Leah model has a classic look that provides complete climate control in a durable and robust product.  

The Lexi

Our small Lexi model is a contemporary-looking system with great value and effective targeted cooling.


  • Our outdoor cooling systems use up to 90% less electricity than air conditioning units. 
  • They come in various models and sizes to fit your needs.
  • There will be no added wetness or humidity to the outside environment like in some cooling systems. 
  • All models are directional with 30 Degree Rotation. 
  • Minus the Kayla and Lexi models, the cabinets on the systems provide titling capabilities to help with additional targeting. 
  • Models with options for heating and lighting are available.
  • Mounting options include Post, Wall, Horizontal, Vertical, Umbrella, Ceiling, and Ceiling Fan. 

Pricing for the system will depend on the number of units, fans, or TurboCool cabinets, the color finish, the amount of tubing necessary, mounting structure or surface, and the type of filtration you want. Contact us today to discuss your plans, and we will create a layout of the outdoor cooling system that is right for you with the quote.