Jacksonville Heating and Air Conditioning Logs

Log #20717

Date: February 15, 2021
Zip Code: 32207
City: Jacksonville, FL

HVAC Technician Notes

On arrival, the customer had con cams of one of the A/C units not working properly. After gaining access to the roof, I found RTU number one. Compressor B was running backwards. I swapped two legs of power to get the compressor unlocked/pumping again. Then I phased the compressor back property. After that, I ran it for 30-40 min and monitored it. The compressor fan had no more problems. Also, I power cycled the unit to see if would happen again. It did not. The Unit is working property at this time. The compressor is rated for 25 amps, and is only putting 14.5 amps. Refrigerant levels are reading 117 over to 282 on a 70*day.